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    Digital aerial photography of Northern Netherlands

    In 2018, 2017 en 2016 Miramap, commissioned by the Dutch government, made digital aerial photographs of the northern part of the Netherlands with 10 cm resolution. The project was flown in cooperation with BSF Swissphoto and Getmapping, The imagery is also available for other parties. Please contact us for more details.

    Inspection of heat loss from buildings

    With Roofscan, Miramap inspects heat loss through roofs of houses and other buildings in your area using thermographic aerial image. Tell me more about Roofscan.

    Miramap makes Nightscan of the Northern part of Friesland

    On Monday night on the  29th of February Miramap has made a Night Scan of the northern part of Friesland. The municipality Menameradiel has commissioned to make this scan during night time to identify light sources on municipal territory.

    I'd like to know more about nightscan.

    Mira MAPS

    You can now view our products through our interactive Google Maps application.

    Drought inspection from satellite

    Droughtscan is an online application for drought inspection based on the most actual satellite data. It detects drought in all (peat) levees in an entire waterboard area in one go. The application automatically visualizes the satellite data into a reliable soil moisture map covering all levees with a unique spatial resolution of 10 meters. I'd like to know more about Droughtscan.

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    Inspect your levees!

    Several watermanagers went before you to have their levees inspected. We adjust the inspection to your demands. More information.

    Inspect your roads with Roadscan

    With Roadscan, Miramap inspects the quality of roads in and below the asphalt layer.
    I'd like to know more about Roadscan.

    Use Fieldscan to increase crop yield

    By using Fieldscan you can increase the yield of your field. I'd like to know more about Fieldscan.
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