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    With Leveescan, Miramap inspects your levee in and under the top layer.

    What is Leveescan?
    Leveescan inspects conditions inside a levee using aerial and mobile remote sensing technology. Leveescan maps the first meter of soil below the levee surface, thereby giving critical insight into the presence of:
    • Dangerous wet and dry zones
    • Water seepage (piping)
    • Saturation
    • Subsurface moisture
    • Air pockets beneath the top layer
    • Internal erosion
    • Other anomalies
    In coastal or river bank areas, Leveescan can detect weak spots in and around levees that require further inspection. Leveescan is a powerful tool that can be used to predict levee failure along rivers, as well as in coastal areas.

    What does Leveescan look like?
    Inspections are visualised in a geo-referenced area covering map with 1 meter (mobile) to 5 meter (aerial) resolution. 

    How does Leveescan work?
    Leveescan employs MIRA scanners, a space based technology using passive microwave radiometry. These scanners can accurately detect water and subsurface anomalies to a depth of one meter below the surface level. By mounting the scanners on a vehicle or airplane, data is captured whilst moving along the coast or river bank. With Leveescan, several tens of kilometers (aerial) to several kilometers (mobile) can be inspected per day. Leveescan is a non-intrusive remote sensing technology.

    How reliable is Leveescan?
    Leveescan has been developed within the ESA Business Incubator by Miramap, the Dutch expert on levee and flood barrier inspection and monitoring. Leveescan has been tested and validated by Rijkswaterstaat and several Dutch waterboards and has, for several years, been used succesfully to inspect levees in the Netherlands. 
    Leveescan technology is based on passive microwave radiometry (MIRA), a technology transferred from satellite remote sensing.

    More information?
    Download our product sheets or Contact us directly.

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