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    30 oktober 2021

    30 October Night of the Night! Map light pollution with an aerial photo by night

    Saturday 30 October is Night of the Night, the Dutch version of Earth Hour. A good time to reflect on light pollution. Do you also turn off the light?

    Curious how much light your municipality emits at night? Visualize it with an aerial photo by night.

    As an example, we made this beautiful nightscan of the Coolsingel in the City of Rotterdam.

    Do you want to know how much light your municipality emits at night? Then map light pollution with a Nightscan aerial photo. A detailed picture of the existing light pollution from artificial light gives you important information in the field of the environment, security and maintenance and design of the outdoor space.
    We are ready to make a night scan of your entire municipality with our professional night camera with very high resolution. What does that look like? View more examples here.
    More information about Nightscan.
    Contact us today for more information.

    27 april 2021

    Miramap Aerial Surveys adds PH-MAV to fleet

    We proudly present the latest addition to the Miramap Aerial Surveys family: PH-MAV. With our new company-owned twin-engine Partenavia P68 we are doubling our data acquisition capacity. We are all set and ready to serve our valued customers with even more high quality digital imagery, LiDAR pointclouds, Roofscan thermal aerial imagery and Nightscan aerial imagery. | Lees verder

    02 februari 2021

    Smart City Münster: successful thermal aerial survey of the Stadt Münster

    On Friday January 22nd and Saturday January 30th 2021, Miramap Aerial Surveys performed a roofscan, a thermal aerial image of the entire city of Münster. 

    These thermal aerial images are part of the "Master Plan 100% Climate Protection" with which the city of Münster has set itself ambitious climate targets: by 2030 CO2 emissions in Münster must be reduced by 95% and energy consumption by 70%.

    More information about this project can be found on the Smart City Münster website.

    And on the website of the Stadt Münster
      | Lees verder

    17 november 2020

    Miramap Aerial Survey completes aerial data capture for Cyclomedia

    Early November, Miramap Aerial Surveys completed the final flight for the Cyclomedia Netherlands Oblique 2020 project. For this project, we captured and processed 1.5 million cloudfree images, including LiDAR point clouds, covering the majority of the entire project. Special thanks to our valued customers Hexagon Geosystems and Cyclomedia Technology. | Lees verder

    14 oktober 2020

    EC wants to renovate 35 million poorly insulated buildings; Roofscan can indicate where to start

    EU Commisioner for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans today emphasized the importance of renovating poorly insulated houses and buildings to achieve green ambitions on energy savings and CO2 emission reduction. According to him, the yearly amount of buildings to be renovated needs to double.
    Did you know that over 30% of heat loss from buildings happens through un uninsulated roof? Large energy savings and thus emission reductions can be achieved by starting at the top: roof insulation. A Roofscan thermal aerial image quickly maps heat loss for all houses and buildings within a large area, for instance an entire municipality, indicating which roofs leak the most energy.
    With the winter around the corner, Miramap Aerial Surveys is ready to perform your Roofscan with our new, professional, high resolution thermal camera. Curious what a Roofscan looks like? Here are some recent examples.
    More information about Roofscan
    Contact us today for more information | Lees verder

    03 juni 2020

    Miramap's Droughtscan shown by STOWA and Dutch waterboards

    The spring of 2020 has been extremely dry in the Netherlands. This is also visible on the smaller peat levees around the Dutch polders. Because meteorological drought does not indicate the drought of the levees themselves, visual inspection remains an important method of monitoring levee strength. The Foundation of Applied Water Research (STOWA), together with the waterboards of Rijnland, Delfland and Schieland, is researching the effects of long periods of drought on peat levees. For this purpose, Miramap's Droughtscan satellite data application is combined with in-situ sensors monitoring the water levels and soil moisture within the levees. This video visualizes the ongoing research. 

    More information on:
    Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland - Sensoren meten droogte en extreme neerslag
    STOWA Waterweren - beheer, onderhoud en droogte
    Miramap - Droogtescan

    06 november 2019

    Miramap Aerial Surveys on Aerial Photo Conference

    Miramap Aerial Surveys presents 'Hybrid aerial data acquisition with a Delft twist' on the Aerial Photo Conference 2019 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. We look back at 15 years of innovation in aerial surveys with Miramap and look forward at 15 years hybrid data acqusition with Miramap Aerial Surveys.

    13 september 2019

    Miramap kicks off Sat4Flood project at ESA-ESRIN Frascati

    On September 13th, Miramap and consortium partners 52Impact and SkyGeo officially kicked off the Sat4Flood project with the ESA InCubed team at the ESA-ESRIN facilities in Frascati, Italy. Sat4Flood is a global levee risk monitoring service based on satellite data. Especially for experts that have responsibilities for safety and for prevention, a service that indicates stress factors of levees based on the most actual satellite data is being developed. The project combines the innovative technologies of satellite high-resolution soil moisture data with InSAR deformation data and other earth observation data sources, herewith bringing scientific research into practice. Sat4Flood enables high quality, large area covering, cost effective, and frequent monitoring of levees based on Satellite Earth Observation.

    Read more about the Sat4Flood project here.

    Project start with ESA InCubed team and consortium at ESA-ESRIN in Frascati

    02 september 2019

    Miramap opens new office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

    Miramap Aerial Surveys has opened her new production, research- and development facility for aerial photography data-processing today at the High Tech Campus in southern Eindhoven. We truly believe that only in-house processing, close to the data acquisition and close to innovative developments will lead to the optimal end product for our customers. In the heart of the Brainport Eindhoven technology region we found the inspiring environment we were looking for. Our facility is housed within the Bèta building, an accelerator specially developed to provide housing and services to small and medium enterprises with activities focused on research and development who are looking to develop their innovative power.

    19 maart 2019

    8 km Leveescan for Hollandse Delta

    Within the project 'innovative techniques for levee monitoring', Miramap performs an area covering Leveescan on five occasions in the past year for a stretch of 8 km for the Waterboard of Hollandse Delta. This short film explains how and why.
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