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    03 juni 2020

    Miramap's Droughtscan shown by STOWA and Dutch waterboards

    The spring of 2020 has been extremely dry in the Netherlands. This is also visible on the smaller peat levees around the Dutch polders. Because meteorological drought does not indicate the drought of the levees themselves, visual inspection remains an important method of monitoring levee strength. The Foundation of Applied Water Research (STOWA), together with the waterboards of Rijnland, Delfland and Schieland, is researching the effects of long periods of drought on peat levees. For this purpose, Miramap's Droughtscan satellite data application is combined with in-situ sensors monitoring the water levels and soil moisture within the levees. This video visualizes the ongoing research. 

    More information on:
    Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland - Sensoren meten droogte en extreme neerslag
    STOWA Waterweren - beheer, onderhoud en droogte
    Miramap - Droogtescan
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