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    14 oktober 2020

    EC wants to renovate 35 million poorly insulated buildings; Roofscan can indicate where to start

    EU Commisioner for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans today emphasized the importance of renovating poorly insulated houses and buildings to achieve green ambitions on energy savings and CO2 emission reduction. According to him, the yearly amount of buildings to be renovated needs to double.
    Did you know that over 30% of heat loss from buildings happens through un uninsulated roof? Large energy savings and thus emission reductions can be achieved by starting at the top: roof insulation. A Roofscan thermal aerial image quickly maps heat loss for all houses and buildings within a large area, for instance an entire municipality, indicating which roofs leak the most energy.
    With the winter around the corner, Miramap Aerial Surveys is ready to perform your Roofscan with our new, professional, high resolution thermal camera. Curious what a Roofscan looks like? Here are some recent examples.
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