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    02 februari 2021

    Smart City Münster: successful thermal aerial survey of the Stadt Münster

    On Friday January 22nd and Saturday January 30th 2021, Miramap Aerial Surveys performed a roofscan, a thermal aerial image of the entire city of Münster. 

    These thermal aerial images are part of the "Master Plan 100% Climate Protection" with which the city of Münster has set itself ambitious climate targets: by 2030 CO2 emissions in Münster must be reduced by 95% and energy consumption by 70%.

    To implement the master plan, the Münster city council decided to implement the project "Climate protection from the air - Thermo flight Münster" in addition to other measures. Phase 1 of the project, the thermal flight, aims to visualize the energy loss through roofs and also to inspect the 120 km long city and local heating network of the city of Münster. In phase 2, the images are evaluated and analyzed. Finally, in phase 3, homeowners receive advice on renovation and insulation.

    More information about this project can be found on the Smart City Münster website.

    And on the website of the Stadt Münster
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